Total Solutions Plus 2022 Wrapped Up Yesterday in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA, November 9, 2022-This year's Total Solutions Plus (TSP) conference represents a return to pre-pandemic numbers for the gathering of ceramic suppliers, distributors and contractors. The event, which wrapped up yesterday, welcomed more than 530 attendees at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells in Greater Palm Springs, California.

"The tile industry, like other aspects of the flooring industry, is a networking industry," says Bart Bettiga, executive director of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), one of the host organizations. "TSP is a chance to share 'What are the challenges you're having?' with both the manufacturers and installers. You can't do that on Zoom calls."

This year, the conference added designers and architects to its lineup of educational speakers to help connect those in the field to that side of the industry, especially as new standards increase tile's use in exterior applications. 

"Exterior spaces, where traditionally stone was used, opens up a lot of opportunities," Bettiga says. Referencing 2cm and 3cm pavers, he adds, "That's a big part of where we see growth, and we're trying to let people know about the opportunities."

As the country moves into a recession, Bettiga notes that “we’re looking at marketshare,” and he sees those growing applications as opportunities to shore up the ceramic industry. He estimates that residential replacement-expected to slow more than commercial-accounts for 55% to 60% of the category’s volume.

“What we’re hearing is there’s going to be a recession, but we’re not seeing that yet. We’re not seeing that anyone in the tile industry is slowing down,” he says.

Conference attendees do a mix of residential and commercial work, and tend to be bigger, more established companies, says Bettiga. NTCA is joined by the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association, the Tile Contractors Association of America and the Tile Council of North America in hosting the event.

Next year’s TSP will be held October 22 to 24 in New Orleans, Louisiana.