Tile Imports Declined in January 2022

Brooklyn, NY, March 14, 2022-U.S. ceramic tile imports in January 2022 were down by 13.1% in square meters but down by only 3.7% in dollars, reports Grosser Consulting.

Italy was first in dollars with $45.2 million, followed by Spain ($37.3 million) and Mexico ($17.8 million).

Spain was first in square meters with 3.3 million square meters, followed by Italy (2.4 million square meters) and Mexico (2.3 million square meters).

Italy had the highest average Free on Board prices with $18.70/square meters, followed by Spain with $11.18/square meters, Mexico with $7.80/square meters., Turkey $6.93/square meters, Brazil $ 6.07/square meters t, and India $5.86/square meters.