The Floor Store Employee, Delta Queen, Arrested for Theft

Hot Springs, AR, September 15, 2022-Delta Queeen, an employee of The Floor Store’s Hot Spring, Arkansas location, was arrested for stealing more than $2,000 from the business, reports The Sentiinel-Record.

Queen was arrested on a felony and misdemeanor warrant

“On that day, around 10:30 a.m., Queen and another employee were working in the business when a female customer came in and made a purchase, paying $6,500 in cash to Queen as a down payment for a product and services.

“Queen allegedly completed a receipt for the purchase, showing a down payment of $6,500, and gave the receipt to the customer. Queen then reportedly gave an envelope with cash in it to the other employee and asked her to "make sure there was $4,000 in it." The employee counted $4,100 and the money was then placed in the bookkeeper's drop box.

“Queen then allegedly turned in a receipt to the store showing a down payment of $4,100. The total loss to the store from the theft was reportedly $2,400, the affidavit said.

“The owner of the store also reported several unauthorized transactions allegedly completed on a debit card Queen was previously provided "to make only authorized business purchases with," and he noted Queen was the only person to have possession or use of the card which is attached to the store's bank account.”