The Dixie Group Shares Nylon Strategy with Customers

Dalton, GA, March 2, 2022 - Following Invista's announcement of its intention to exit the nylon fiber business, The Dixie Group president T.M. Nuckols sent a letter to customers to share Dixie's strategy for moving forward.

Historically, Dixie was one of the strongest supporters of the Stainmaster brand, launched by Invista, and therefore purchased a significant part of its fiber needs from Invista, the letter states.

"I want to reassure you that TDG is very well positioned to manage our way through Invista’s exit," Nuckols writes, referencing strategic moves over the last three years.

Upon the announcement of Stainmaster's sale to Lowe's in 2021, Dixie brought on four additional nylon suppliers and worked to develop nylon 6 while maintaining high standards of performance.

"There is no question that the transition away from Invista fiber has been and will continue to be challenging," writes Nuckols. "However, we are well on our way down this path, and we know that our future looks brighter than ever once we have completed the necessary fiber conversions."

In 2018, Dixie developed its own nylon program, the EnVision Nylon brand, which will encompass all of the firm's nylon products moving forward.

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