TCNA's IPA Laboratories Earns ACIL Quality Service Award

Clemson, SC, November 1, 2023-International Product Assurance Laboratories (IPA Laboratories), has been honored with the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) Customer Quality Service Award. IPA Laboratories is one of ten independent laboratories recognized with this award for its commitment to quality service. Additionally, IPA Laboratories received a Special Recognition Award as one of the top three laboratories for timeliness.

Participation in the ACIL Customer Quality Service Award Program requires laboratories to send satisfaction surveys to their customers, adhere to an ethics program, and sign a code of ethics. ACIL’s client survey is specifically tailored to serve as invaluable feedback, meeting the requirements outlined in ISO/IEC1725:2017 Section 8.6.2.

This is the second consecutive year IPA Laboratories has participated and been awarded ACIL’s Customer Quality Service Award.  

The ACIL Customer Quality Service Award Program was developed by the American Council of Independent Laboratories in 1996 with the mission of addressing quality issues within the laboratory industry and applauding participants who consistently demonstrate outstanding quality performance. Award recipients are commended for their dedication to data integrity, their ability to meet the quality needs of customers, and their role in setting performance standards for the testing laboratory industry.