Taylor Streamlines Its Branding

Dalton, GA, January 6, 2022-Taylor is streamlining its branding with labeling designed to improve understanding, facilitate proper selection and correct use, and simplify inventory management for distributors and contractors. In all, 16 SKUs in the Signature Line and ten SKUs in the newly created Essentials Line are being relabeled or newly labeled.   

Instead of a premium Signature Line of adhesives and coatings, followed by a random assortment of everything else in the product line, Taylor has curated everything into three groups: The Signature Line, the new Essentials Line, and Additional Items. 

To make selecting the correct adhesive easier for each flooring type, Taylor created a color-coded system applied across its products. The color represents the primary flooring usage; other approved flooring uses are identified in the product category key on each label. There are five colors, one for each category: resilient, wood, carpet, moisture, and specialty.

The new labels are trilingual, indicate where to use, display color-coding to the correct flooring use, and offer over a dozen other vital data points easily identifiable and displayed.