Tarkett Launches New Collections Designed by Jhane Barnes

Solon, OH, January 11, 2023-Continuing a decades-long partnership, Tarkett has launched a new collection with designer Jhane Barnes. The Connectivity collection features three designs-Celestial, Celtic Knots and PM Square-all ideal for education environments, including K–12 and higher education settings.

Barnes-whose early fashion designs attracted customers like John Lennon, Paul Simon, Elton John and more-uses mathematics and signature textile techniques to create innovative designs. Some of her other collaborations with Tarkett include classics Longitude, Haphazard II and Aftermath II, as well as the more recent Corollary, Spin-Off, Soundblock and Blockade.

Celestial, available in Powerbond and three modular sizes, combines different types of mathematical sequencing and visual elements to create an unexpected yet harmonious design.

Barnes took a geometric approach to Celtic Knots, which was inspired by the ancient Celtic symbol representing unity and growth-a fitting theme for education environments. In her design, Barnes used only straight lines and right triangles to create interlocking knots and a delicate woven pattern. Like Celestial, Celtic Knots is available in Powerbond and three modular sizes.

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