Tarkett Launches Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool for End Users

Solon, OH, August 20, 2019-Tarkett has announced the release of a new digital Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) tool for commercial flooring options. 

The tool can be accessed at https://flooringlifecyclecost.tarkettna.com.

According to Tarkett’s research, 92% of facility managers surveyed find Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or LCCA to be key drivers in their decision making. The problem is that only 12% of those surveyed have actually conducted an LCCA. There are several reasons for this discrepancy:

• There hasn’t been a reliable LCCA tool available

• Accurate cost analyses have been too time consuming

• Managers have a general lack of knowledge and resources to conduct an analysis

As a result of this, too often, the only financial information taken into account when making a commercial flooring selection is the initial purchase cost. This does not take into account the longer-term costs of installation, maintenance and premature replacement, which cause future budget constraints.

In response to this need, Tarkett has created a third-party assessed cost analysis tool that compares all types of commercial flooring, including product categories not currently offered by Tarkett. The tool includes a floor’s installed cost (national averages for product purchase, floor prep and installation costs), as well as maintenance costs, as calculated by The World Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA). The result is an unbiased cost analysis that helps facility managers feel confident in making informed purchase decisions.

Special features of the LCCA tool:

• Compare up to three flooring categories at a time

• Default to the national averages for flooring costs, or use the sliding scales to adjust

to known local costs

• A PDF with LCCA results are immediately sent to your inbox

• Option to request follow-up from a Tarkett representative

• Phase II of the tool will include a mobile application

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