Tarkett Group Releases Q2 and Half Year Results

Paris, France, July 30, 2021-Tarkett Group’s net revenues grew by 2.0% in the first half of 2021 compared to the first half of 2020 to 1.2612 billion euros, reflecting organic growth of 6.3% and negative foreign exchange impacts. Q2 revenues were up 16% organically YOY.

The North American segment reported net revenues of 352.4 million euros for the first half of this year, down 1.5% from the first half of 2020, with organic growth of 6.9% balanced against a negative foreign exchange impact. According to the firm, after a slow start, the U.S. commercial market started to make gains in Q2, mainly in healthcare and education. Hospitality is also showing signs of life, while the corporate segment remains sluggish. As a result, carpet sales were weak in the first half of the year, while resilient products posted solid growth. Activity levels have remained high in the residential market.

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