Tarkett Forms Partnership with Myocycle

Solon, OH, June 10, 2024-Tarkett has formed a partnership with Mycocycle-a Chicago-based, nature-inspired biotech startup that leverages the root structure of mushrooms to break down construction waste. Through Mycocycle’s research and development, mycelia (fungal root structures) have been shown to consume and eliminate toxins from construction waste, producing a natural byproduct that makes an ideal raw material for the built environment and reduces our reliance on virgin raw materials.

It is estimated that construction and demolition account for one-third of the world's overall waste. As growing landfills continue to elevate carbon emissions and pollute our air, soil and water, it's imperative that leaders in the built environment innovate sustainable solutions for managing construction waste.

Through this exclusive partnership, Tarkett will work collaboratively with Mycocycle by investing in ongoing research and development. By joining forces, the companies will leverage Tarkett’s well-established ReStart take-back and recycling program as they operationalize alternative waste handling processes that return old flooring to a circular ecosystem. The partners will further test the effects of mycelium on all types of flooring collected through ReStart and explore the resulting byproduct as a central ingredient in new flooring products.

Last year in North America alone, Tarkett successfully diverted an estimated 1.5 million pounds (690 t) of post-use flooring to recycling, both in house and with external recycling partners. Through its partnership with Mycocycle and other innovative strategies, the company is on track to at least double that number in 2024.


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