Tarkett Commercial Launches New Linoleum Colors

Houston, TX, April 21--Tarkett Commercial announced today the complete redesign of its Linoleum line. With input from designers throughout the U.S., the new line now includes four distinct collections, which provide customers with increased design options when choosing a Linoleum floor. Comprised primarily of linseed oil, natural resins, wood flour, chalk and cork flour, Tarkett Linoleum is a natural, sustainable product, delivering a floor that is durable, comfortable to walk on and economical as well, featuring a low life-cycle cost. "The new Tarkett Linoleum collections offer designers and architects more intense and sophisticated colors, while maintaining the inherent anti-bacterial and anti-static properties that make it such a hygienic floor," says Graeme Hendry, linoleum product manager for Tarkett in North America. "In addition, all Tarkett Linoleum is homogenous, which means that the color and pattern are consistent through the thickness of the floorcovering." Tarkett Linoleum is available in various patterns and four dynamic color ranges including Urban, which features a palette of cool grays and metallics; Natural, comprised of soothing, earthy shades; Extravagant, featuring rich, bright, jewel-toned hues; and Contemporary, consisting of a variety of striking blues, greens and yellows. Tarkett Linoleum includes the following Collections: • Veneto, with a marbled design and saturated colors, in 48 different shades. Veneto also includes the Veneto Acoustic, a flooring option whose unique two-layer construction of cork and linoleum minimize the effect of impact noise. The Veneto Acoustic also offers greater elasticity, thermal insulation and improved underfoot comfort. • Toscano, featuring warm, earthy colors inspired by natural pigments and a lively autumn feel. • Etrusco, comprised of bright, clear colors that can be used for both traditional and modern interiors.

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