Study of Engineered Hardwood Shows It to Be Climate Responsible

Washington, DC, March 10, 2023-A new environmental product declaration for engineered wood flooring shows the global warming potential totals 11.41 kg CO2e, according to the Decorative Hardwoods Association. 

Similar environmental product declarations for luxury vinyl plank report a global warming potential of nearly six times that amount. 

According to the USDA Forest Service, "While trees grow in the forest, they store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in their trunks, branches, stems, leaves, roots and soil. So, when trees are sustainably harvested, wood continues to store carbon in the thousands of products we use every day, from paper products to lumber to energy generation. Trees then regrow, repeating the cycle."

For example, by using engineered wood flooring instead of alternatives, builders and architects can reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 82%.

The new report on engineered wood flooring is the result of a multiyear study conducted for the Decorative Hardwoods Association and National Wood Flooring Association.