Stainmaster Launches New Home Studio Experience with NFM

Kennesaw, GA, July 2, 2020-The Stainmaster brand and Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) announce a new offering available at the Kansas City location that enables a brand new shopping experience for carpet-buying consumers, its Home Studio.

The Stainmaster Home Studio experience was developed using the years of research and depth of consumer insights on which the brand is built. The result is an intuitive way for consumers to easily sample and visualize select flooring styles in-store for the first time ever. The patented design for the display combines physical Stainmaster samples and a proprietary interactive digital technology allowing shoppers to navigate the interface naturally through touch.

The benefits aren’t just for consumers. Because of the digital nature of the Stainmaster Home Studio, both Nebraska Furniture Mart and Stainmaster will be able to collect a great deal of information on how customers are shopping that help both the brand and the retailer serve customers better in the future.  

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