Spec-Intelligence Launches Integration Software Technology

Chicago, IL, August 3, 2023-Spec-Intelligence, a commercial construction product data SaaS company, announced the launch of its proprietary Spec-ID Integration software technology that connects to Procore through an API. 

Procore is a global provider of construction management software. Subscribers to Spec-ID are now rewarded with the ability to seamlessly upload submittals and closeout documents directly to Procore without leaving the Spec-Intelligence platform. After six months of development and beta testing, Spec-Intelligence developed Spec-ID Integration, a suite of foundational software technology. With this technology platform, a “Procore Dashboard” lives on the Spec-Intel platform and informs the user of pending General Contractor (GC) submittal requests. Within minutes, subscribers can create submittals and closeout packages with Spec-Intelligence and then upload these documents with a few mouse clicks, directly to Procore, complete with confirmation dates and cloud-based archiving. The GC now receives consistent on-time submittals with greater accuracy.

Spec-Intelligence users enjoy the intuitive automation of managing commercial product data with tools native to Spec-Intelligence to save time and further reduce the liability of manual data management processes. The new integration with take-off, estimating, and ERP software have been hallmarks of streamlining workflows and efficiency. With the launch of Spec-ID Integration, product data packages now have a direct and seamless pipeline to Procore, bypassing the process of downloading and uploading submittals and closeouts.