Spec-ID and JengAI Products Now Integrate

Charlottesville, VA, October 27, 2023-Spec-ID, an innovator in commercial construction product data, announced the seamless integration between Spec-ID and JengAI. 

Together, they create a blend of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence that turbo boosts estimating, ensuring minimal errors and optimized savings.

With this integration, both organizations aim to streamline the commercial construction industry operations and increase efficiency and competitiveness. The secret sauce is the ability of JengAI software technology to boost estimating output by 50%. The automated Drawing Analyzer scans commercial architectural plans, identifies product designations, finds relevant pages, bookmark PDFs for easy navigation, and highlights symbols. The integration with the Spec-ID database of over 1MM products imports accurate product details, identifies inaccurate specifications, and imports the product details into take-off and ERP system software. Once a project is awarded, Spec-ID automates sampling, sample labels, submittal packages, and closeout packages with more accuracy and an 84% time savings.

Spec-ID users enjoy the intuitive automation of managing commercial product data with tools native to Spec-ID to save valuable time and further reduce the liability of manual data management processes, while JengAI is known for its AI-enhanced Drawing Analyzer, a cloud-based software that uses AI to automate the analysis of architectural and engineering drawings.