Shaw's $493M Plant 78 Expansion to Create 300 Jobs in SC

Aiken, SC, March 13, 2023-Shaw’s Plant 78, located in Aiken County, South Carolina, is in the midst of an expansion, reports the Aiken Standard.

“‘It’s the largest capital expenditure ever in Shaw Industries’ history. It’s a pretty big spend,’ said the Plant 78’s manager, John Riley, during his presentation to the Rotary Club of Aiken on Monday at Newberry Hall.

“That amount now ‘is approaching $500 million,’ Riley said. ‘It’s very close … we’re already at $493 million committed.’

“‘Right now, we are a 100% nylon fibers plant,’ Riley said. ‘We take nylon chip, and we extrude it into fibers. Then we take those fibers and we twist them into carpet yarns. Then we run them through a heat-setting process to make the final product.”

“The expansion that is underway at Plant 78 is preparing the facility to begin manufacturing polyester carpet yarns as well.”

The expansion will create more than 300 jobs.

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