Shaw Acquisition Brings New Product Lines to Deale

Dalton, GA, May 4--Shaw Industries’ purchase of the North Georgia operations of the Dixie Group in December 2003 introduced a number of new products and markets to the company, most notably needlebond and indoor-outdoor carpeting for extremely demanding applications. These products are known as the Bretlin brand and will be marketed through Shaw distributors coast-to-coast in the ShawMark division. Bretlin’s new product launch, said to be the best ever, features six different categories of carpet and runners: ·Indoor-outdoor turf: a range of products, from grass-like polypropylene with marine back in multiple colors to high-end solution-dyed nylon with unitary back for golf courses and resorts. ·Indoor-outdoor berbers: high-UV polypropylene products (rated to withstand high-UV degradation) in an updated color line, created for sunrooms, screened porches, pool houses with outside exposure, and decks. ·Indoor-outdoor patterns and solids: products for high-traffic areas with lots of outdoor exposure, such as south-facing rooms, resorts, condos, and structures in sunbelt areas. ·Indoor-outdoor needlebond: products featuring velok unitary construction for absolutely no delamination or edge ravel; high-UV, slip resistant products used residentially or commercially but especially suitable outdoors—pool areas, decks, marinas, restaurant and motel entrances, and walkways. ·Indoor-outdoor commercial: heavy commercial products for use in rugged settings with very heavy traffic and weather exposure, where slippage is an issue—entryways to businesses, airports, ski resorts, etc. ·Specialty needlebond: carpet for “chip ‘n’ putt” golf courses; temporary coverings that can be rolled up and re-used, such as all-weather “red carpet” for galas; carpet that protects grass from high-heel punctures. According to Bretlin manager, Steve Kerr, a new acoustical wall covering called Metro Wall has also been created under the Bretlin label. “Metro Wall is mainly for commercial use but has residential applications,” he said. “Because it improves sound quality within a room and lowers transmission of sound through walls, it’s ideal for media rooms, school and church classrooms, and day care centers.” Shaw Industries Executive Vice President of Sales, John Godwin, expressed the company’s enthusiasm over its new markets. “These are areas we wanted to get into, and we’re very pleased about the acquisition. It’s exciting that our dealers will be able to increase their product offerings and customer base. There are distinct advantages for everyone concerned.”

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