Shanghai Emerging from Covid Lockdowns After Two Months

New York, NY, June 1, 2022-After four straight days with no Covid-19 deaths and with new cases at their lowest levels since early March, Shanghai is preparing to end more than two months of lockdowns, reports the Wall Street Journal.

“The easing of restrictions takes effect Wednesday, but already Tuesday evening social-media posts showed residents swarming the streets, chanting and dancing and posting images of themselves eating out at local restaurants.

“The majority of the 25 million residents of China’s financial capital can leave their homes and return to work starting Wednesday, the Shanghai government said. Aside from those in high-risk areas, all businesses can reopen, buses and trains will resume normal operations, and restrictions on private vehicles will be lifted. Shopping malls and other commercial centers can run at 75% of capacity.

“Shanghai on Tuesday recorded 29 new locally transmitted Covid-19 infections from the day before, after averaging almost 18,000 a day in April, allowing authorities to further ease some measures. To move freely around the city, residents will now only need a negative PCR test within 72 hours, from 48 hours previously.”