Schönox Releases Leveler Pairing Benefits of Syn. Gypsum & Cement

Florence, AL, July 9, 2018-The Schönox family of self levelers has grown with the addition of two compounds-AP Rapid and AP Rapid Plus.

The new products feature an innovative Hybrid Active Dry Technology that offers benefits of both cement and synthetic gypsum-based materials.

The Schönox research and development team has studied this technology for years, perfecting the dust-reduced, pumpable, self-leveling compounds for a versatile application. This hybrid technology is constructed by blending specific additives into Schönox cement and Schönox Synthetic Gypsum to unite the two counterparts. This precise binding formula contributes to the unique hybrid features, such as early drying and curing time, prompt strength development, and reduced shrinkage/ expansion. Thus, providing same-day floorcovering and walkability for high layer thickness installations without the need of aggregation.

Schönox AP Rapid and AP Rapid Plus are suitable for jobs of all variances. The hybrid compounds are designed to withstand varying climate and humidity settings during interior installation. AP Rapid and AP Rapid Plus also feature the benefit of installing over very diverse substrate materials and conditions. The compounds’ water ratios have been considered with the installer in mind, presenting a very low risk of over-watering. Other benefits of the new hybrid technology include high psi (5800-6300), low pH (<11.5), very="" low="" emissions="" ec-1="" plus="" r="" ul="" classification="" leed="" contribution="" a="" 12-month="" storage="" period="" and="" an="" extended="" pot="" life="" p="">

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