ROX Key to Retail Success Today

New York, NY, July 8, 2019-Return on experience (ROX), the prioritization of customer experience, is as important as return on investment (ROI) in determining a company’s success today, says John Maxwell of Strategy+Business. 

“Traditional return on investment (ROI) metrics are no longer sufficient on their own to determine your company’s success. Evaluating whether your value proposition, capabilities, and portfolio of products and services will create shareholder value requires laser focus on how well you’re meeting higher expectations around the customer experience.

“Organizations need to map consumers’ purchase journey, isolate the touch points and factors that drive experience, and then invest more in the parts of the company that will move the needle on those interactions and yield measurable results - or return on experience (ROX). ROX also needs to address whether the company is driving the behaviors in the organization that are key to designing and delivering better online and physical experiences.”

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