RFCI Announces Six Strategic Initiatives for 2023

La Grange, GA, February 16, 2023- Bill Blackstock, president and CEO of the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), has announced six strategic imperatives for the group in 2023.

“Issues management & advocacy: We are engaged on the regulatory front at the federal and state level. Our purpose is to make sure that the facts and data around our industry are presented in a supportive way. We have a broad network of partners who help provide needed facts and data. We always attempt to serve as a valued partner in discussing any issues of concern.

“Technical Standards and Certifications: Our technical committees are constantly involved in creating and refining certifications and standards that are meaningful to the consumers in the residential and commercial spaces. Our efforts here are broad and very deep. One example of many is FloorScore. Throughout 2023, you will hear much more about Assure Certified and Affirm Certified. Additionally, we are amid a five-year renewal of Industry EPDs and so much more.

“Sustainability & Environmental Performance: You can't talk about certifications and standards without referencing sustainability. As you have reported, Ecomedes is a significant new tool for designers that allows elegant engagement of key environmental certifications and standards. I am thrilled that RFCI has been proactive in working with Ecomedes. Other initiatives include:

• We were highly engaged with EC3 and the important issue of carbon 

• Over the course of the last year, we created new CEUs that inform the A&D community of key considerations on this landscape 

• We are proactively involved with a host of others trying to raise the bar on sustainability in the built environment 

“Most every category of flooring is pushing to increase recycling. We are all focused on proactively growing recycling infrastructure. As I previously mentioned, we have had a crucial development in recent years that will serve us well in the future, the many domestic resilient plants have been added. These plants and those already in place provide the basis for post-industrial and post-consumer recycling. 

 “Promotion of the Category: If you are not following the Beautifully Responsible campaign on any social media platform, join millions of people who are being treated to critical messages on the value propositions in our industry.

“Market Education: We have made substantial investment to our website. There you will find tools to help you understand resilient better and tools to help you engage your customers if you are in the industry. From the new CEU Platform to the new Resource Hub to focused information on sustainability and more, check out rfci.com for the latest.  

“Membership Development: We have invested heavily in LinkedIn. Almost daily, we share vital happenings at RFCI and stories from our members. You know, it's so exciting to see how our members impact the communities in which they are involved.”