RCC Flooring Under New Ownership

New Orleans, LA, August 7, 2023-Patrick and Shannon Able completed the purchase and assumed ownership of RCC Flooring, a commercial flooring company based in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 31, 2023.

Frank Royerre founded RCC Flooring in 1963, and Mark Royerre has owned and operated the company since 2003. Until the purchase, Patrick Able was the vice president of business development.

Patrick Able brings to RCC Flooring more than 25 years of commercial flooring management and sales experience. As the president and CEO, Able will continue to grow the company. Shannon Able will bring her business and management experience to streamline processes and cultivate positive client relationships. Shannon Able will serve as the chief operating officer.

RCC Flooring is a commercial flooring company serving Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama providing product selection, sales, installation, maintenance, reclamation, and recycling. RCC is a founding member of Starnet Worldwide.

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