Perkins Eastman & J+J Announce Clean Slate Project

New York, NY, September 10, 2018-- The Clean Slate Project is a year-long effort by Perkins Eastman, co-sponsored by J+J Flooring Group, to explore the senior living market through fresh eyes.

The project aims to look beyond the standard market trends and “disruptors” that otherwise make up this industry’s fail-safe crystal ball, and instead consider what other industries (e.g. healthcare, technology, hospitality, retail) have to offer, as well as how various agents of change within those industries can lead to unforeseen innovations in senior living.

Whether examining a line of new products, new approaches to project management, novel research topics that can inform new models of care, or something else entirely, the underlying premise of the Clean Slate Project is that there is an opportunity to re-imagine senior living.