Orian Launches Sister Line Targeting Specialty Retailer

Anderson, SC, December 11, 2018--Orian Rugs has launched a sister line called Palmetto Living, reports Furniture Today.

The line will compete at a higher price point than Orian has in the past and targets the specialty retailer. 

Brandon Culpepper, chief revenue officer, likened the company’s new brand strategy to automobile model tiers.

“’It’s what Lexus is to Toyota,’ he said. ‘We have introduced so much new product in the past year, and a lot of it is higher end from where Orian was in the past."

Culpepper, who joined in January 2018 to help revamp the company and expand its product breadth and distribution, said recent enhancements in Orian’s product development--across fibers and constructions--demanded the new branding initiative.