OneFlor USA to Launch Brand and Product Line at NeoCon

Houston, TX, May 5, 2022-A new LVT provider, OneFlor USA, will launch its brand and offering at NeoCon 2022. 

David Kim is CEO of the firm, which sources its products from Nox. 

OneFlor’s products eliminate the need for adhesives with its SetaGrip technology-a patented foam padding that is attached directly to the back oft he

flexible LVT plank or tile. Based on the way a gecko’s feet work, it is engineered with millions of

microscopic suction cups that grip any smooth, flat, non-porous surface, even under high traffic areas or heavy rolling loads.

At NeoCon, the company will launch Foundations with Seta-Grip, a collection of 24 LVT designs in a variety of sizes and colors and made with 100% recyclable virgin vinyl and zero phthalates.