Older Workers Faring Better Than Younger in Remote Work

New York, NY, October 27, 2020-Despite their technological preparedness for mobile work, younger workers report a far more challenging experience working from home than their older peers, reports Gensler, based on a survey of 2,300 anonymous U.S. workers. 

The survey reveals that younger workers are less likely to feel as if they’ve made a difference or completed the work they needed to do at the end of a typical workday, according to survey responses.

Results were as follows:

I feel like I’ve made a difference: Gen Z & Millennial, 35%; Gen X, 39%; Baby Boomer, 44%

I feel like I’ve completed the work I need to do: Gen Z & Millennial, 61%; Gen X, 65%; Baby Boomer, 68%

I know what is expected of me: Gen Z & Millennial, 79%; Gen X, 85%; Baby Boomer, 87%

Working from home is stressful: Gen Z & Millennial, 36%; Gen X, 29%; Baby Boomer, 23%

Compared to the office, I get less work done from home: Gen Z & Millennial, 25%; Gen X, 20%; Baby Boomer, 16%.