Nox Will Transition to Sustainable Product Chemistries

Seoul, South Korea, February 1, 2023-Nox Corporation, a global LVT (luxury vinyl tile) manufacturer, declared its plan for the transition to sustainable raw materials contributing to carbon reduction in all products. Nox's latest announcement focuses on the intention to replace more than 95% of the main raw materials constituting flooring materials with sustainable raw materials.

For PVC, which accounts for the largest portion of raw materials for flooring materials, Nox uses bio-circular balanced PVC, a sustainable raw material, which is produced using discarded resources such as waste cooking oil and has been verified to have a higher carbon reduction effect-114% compared to that of conventional PVC. It also obtained the international certification of International Sustainability & Carbon Certification PLUS, which is regarded as the most reliable in the field of sustainable certification.

In particular, Nox's new Acoustic SetaGrip, made of bio-circular balanced PVC, is manufactured using sustainable raw materials and a non-adhesive installation method that significantly saves time and cost and has been selected for spaces where the environment for public health is important, such as major hospitals and schools in the United States.