Nox Acquires Korean Facility from Hunter Douglas

Fostoria, OH, January 29, 2019-Nox Corporation has announced its acquisition of Hunter Douglas Korea’s R&D center, production facility and domestic sunscreen (blinds) business unit. 

With Hunter Douglas being the largest windows blinds company worldwide, this acquisition holds special significance for both Nox and the woven interior industry as a whole.

Through this acquisition, Nox will be able to apply its integrated vertical production system to woven tiles as well, becoming the first in the industry and the world to produce completely in-house, from each component to the end product. Industry experts say that the full range of expertise Nox will develop from running such a production system will not only increase the production capacity of Loom+, Nox’s premium woven tile brand, but enable the company to further its focus on developing new woven products and technologies. 

Loom+, which closely resembles carpet, is highly evaluated for its surface coating technology that ensures superior stain-resistance. In comparison to regular carpet, Loom+ also offers better durability and easier maintenance, while also being more eco-friendly. Furthermore, Loom+ does not cause odor or dust buildup.

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