North Star Flooring Enters Market with LVT Launch & Purchase of SAR

Harrisburg, PA, January 24, 2023-North Star Flooring is officially open for business to meet the evolving needs of the commercial and residential flooring industries. 

With the acquisition of another Harrisburg-based manufacturer, SAR Floors, North Star Flooring enters the market with an established and trusted brand in its portfolio.

The company was established with a mission to professionally guide customers toward better floors that balance lifestyle with art. North Star Flooring carries a diverse lineup of click and glue down vinyl plank to serve both the residential and commercial markets. North Star works closely with flooring distributors and national retailers, as well as designers and architects to create stylish and durable products.

Given the disruptions in the global supply chain market over the last few years, North Star Flooring is positioned to service its customers with nearly five million square feet of product in its warehouses.