Negative Covid Test Now Required for International Air Travel

New York, NY, December 9, 2021-The rules for flying into the U.S. have changed yet again, reports the Wall Street Journal.

“International travelers including U.S. citizens coming into the country by air now must have a negative Covid-19 test within a day of departure, regardless of vaccination status. Previously, fully vaccinated travelers could have a negative test within the three days before departing for the U.S. The requirements don’t apply to people entering the country by land or sea.

“The changing requirements show how much attention travelers need to pay to entry rules and health guidelines before and even during a trip.

“Travelers must get tested no more than one day before their flight to the U.S. departs, but the tests don’t have to occur within 24 hours of the flight. This decision was made to provide more flexibility for travelers and aircraft operators, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The agency gives the following example: If you have a flight Friday at 1 p.m., you can board with a negative test that was taken any time on Thursday. Previously, fully vaccinated travelers could take a test up to three days before departing for the U.S., and unvaccinated travelers had to test within one day.”