National Advertising Review Board Finds Mohawk’s RevWood Tag Line Misleading

New York, NY, November 3, 2023-A panel of the National Advertising Review Board (NARB), the appellate advertising body of BBB National Programs, recommended that Mohawk Industries discontinue the claim “Wood Without Compromise” for its RevWood laminate flooring product line.

Mohawk sells a laminated/laminate flooring product under the brand name “RevWood.” Its core layer consists of high-density wood fiberboard, typically made from southern yellow pine chips combined with resin to create, which is described by Mohawk, a durable surface that is more dent-resistant than hardwood. 

The advertising at issue had been challenged by the Decorative Hardwood Association. Following a decision by the National Advertising Division (NAD) (Case No. 7207), Mohawk appealed to NARB that NAD recommendation to discontinue using the slogan “Wood Without Compromise.”

In agreement with NAD, the NARB panel concluded that the slogan “Wood Without Compromise” is likely to mislead consumers and recommended that it be discontinued.

The NARB panel based its conclusion on several findings, including:

* The taglines’ misleading use of the word “wood” since RevWood does not have a wood wearable surface.

* Mohawk’s failure to demonstrate that initial consumer confusion resulting from the misleading nature of its slogan is later overcome during the process of selecting flooring or by later references on its website to the term “laminate.”

* Mohawk’s use of the “Wood Without Compromise” tagline with the brand name “RevWood”-a brand name that contains the word “wood”-thereby compounding the misleading nature of the slogan.

Mohawk stated that it “respectfully disagrees with NARB’s decision and maintains that its ‘Wood Without Compromise’ slogan is neither false nor misleading; nevertheless, Mohawk is engaged in a brand refresh for its RevWood product and will discontinue use of the slogan as part of the refresh.”

In August, the organization recommended that Mohawk discontinue use of the tagline, but Mohawk appealed, saying, “NAD did not give proper weight to the context within which the slogan is used, which prominently identifies the product as laminate wood, or to the substantial care consumers take in purchasing flooring products, both of which dispel any realistic potential for consumer confusion.” 

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