NALFA & IFCII Partner for Inspectors Course

Washington, DC, February 16, 2022-NALFA announces its partnership with IFCII to offer new and existing NALFA inspectors an opportunity to complete or renew their certification status. IFCII’s first class of the year is a five-day course held February 23 to 27; that includes a full day of laminate flooring curriculum. The class is available in-person or virtually, based on preference.

Inspectors can register for IFCII’s complete five-day course beginning February 23. There will be two options for NALFA certification on February 24: a full day of laminate flooring inspector material for inspectors who are completing the IFCII curriculum or an afternoon only option for current and lapsed NALFA inspectors who need to fulfill continuing education requirements. The afternoon session will include discussion of moisture resistance claims.

Additional dates for NALFA inspector certification classes will be announced.

To register or for more information, visit the NALFA website at