NALFA Develops Laminate Surface Swell Test

Washington, DC, March 6, 2018-NALFA has developed a test to specifically test the topical moisture resistance of flooring products, including laminate flooring. This test simulates the effect of a spill on a floor over time.

NALFA is working to update the ANSI LF01 standards, and one of the changes will be the inclusion of the new method.

The NALFA test method, which can be performed by third party testing laboratories, will evaluate the effect of moisture, particularly on the joints for apparent differences, for visual and feel (light touch) and grade the test assembly per the criteria. The new standard test method will be completed and released in the coming months.

NALFA laminate manufacturer members that are participating include: Kronospan USA, Mannington Mills, Mohawk Industries, Shaw Industries, Swiss Krono and Torlys.

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