NALFA Adds Additional Membership Categories

Washington, DC, July 1, 2021-The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) is has announced the expansion of its membership categories to include a new vendor/supplier membership. 

This new category of membership includes any company, organized and operating in North America, that is regularly selling goods or services to businesses that are eligible to be regular or associate manufacturing members of the Association. This new vendor/supplier membership is a welcome addition to the existing NALFA members and will allow increased dialogue among the laminate supply chain. Examples of these kinds of members would include paper treaters and printers, board suppliers, plate suppliers, and other suppliers of goods or services to other member companies.

NALFA has also expanded the definition of our dealer/service provider membership to include individuals or businesses who may be a “service provider” to laminate consumers, such as laminate flooring installers. NALFA anticipates that the expanded definition will entice installers to join NALFA and to become actively involved with the technical committee.