Mohawk Group Touts Quick-Ship and Tufting Technology

Calhoun,GA, July 26, 2019--Mohawk Group's Expanding Influence collection of stylish running line Definity broadloom and area rugs are now available through a seamless ordering process with a faster turnaround. 

Expanding Influence in-stock styles are available in four weeks or less, with custom styles ready in approximately 10 weeks. All Definity on Demand offerings have been curated by segment experts specifically for workplace and retail interiors.

“We continue to build on our successful running line program because we believe that beautiful design doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because of increasingly tighter timelines,” said Mark Oliver, vice president of workplace and retail at Mohawk Group. “Expanding Influence also answers the movement towards increased hard surface specification in contract environments so that we’re able to offer more opportunities for texture, high-end visuals, placemaking and even hospitality detailing in workplace and retail segments.”

With the recent launch of Expanding Influence, Mohawk has added its proprietary Definity technology to an existing program inclusive of thousands of styles and patterns already available for specification in contract interiors across multiple segments. All patterns come standard in 48-ounce, 15-foot broadloom rolls.

Definity’s precision-sculpted technology creates stunning hospitality-grade carpets and rugs for commercial interiors with incredible multilevel textures, enhanced definition, superior performance and unmatched sustainability. Through the Expanding Influence portfolio, Mohawk Group expands the customer’s palette of opportunity by leveraging the craftsmanship of Definity and running line product solutions to create beautiful corporate spaces in less time.

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