Mohawk & Tarkett Increase Prices on Chinese-Made Products

Chattanooga, TN, May 23, 2019-Mohawk and Tarkett each sent out price increase letters on May 20, citing the Trump administration’s tariffs on Chinese-made goods.

Mohawk will be increasing prices on goods made in China on orders placed as of June 1 and shipments as of June 24; the company did not disclose which products would be impacted in its letter to customers but instead advised that they contact their representative for details.

Tarket’s increase applies to the following LVT collections: ProGen, Transcend Click, Transcend SureSet, Aloft Click & Aloft Glue Down, Access and Adaptt. 

Tarkett implemented a 10% surcharge on all imported Chinese products impacted by the tariff in 2018. On June 3, it will raise the price on the above products 14% to cover the increased costs but will remove the 10% surcharge. This is effectively raising prices a net of 4% and transitioning from using a surcharge to applying all tariff costs in the price to its customers.

Additional products impacted by the tariffs are well-stocked in the U.S. and therefore prices on these won’t be increasing at this time but could be increased in the future. 




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