Mohawk Releases 2017 Sustainability Report

Calhoun, Ga. April 23, 2018-The 2017 Sustainability Report released online by Mohawk Industries outlines how business decisions rooted in corporate social responsibility have resulted in dividends for the company, its customers, employees and communities. This year’s report, unified under a message that showcases how Mohawk is committed to “Believe in Better,” details how the company is driving innovation through more thoughtful product design and manufacturing.

The report reinforces Mohawk’s continued progress in doing more with less and its intent on growing its global business while reducing its environmental footprint. In 2017 alone, the company recycled 6.5 billion pounds of waste, 6.2 billion plastic bottles, 146 million pounds of foam trim into carpet cushion and 42 million pounds of rubber tires into welcome mats. Since 2015, Mohawk has reduced its water consumption by 442 million gallons, even as the company grew through eight acquisitions. Since 2010, the company has reduced its greenhouse gas intensity by 5%, energy intensity by 4.61% and water intensity by 36%, all while doubling its business.

The Sustainability Report highlights Mohawk’s commitment to a circular economy from start to finish. Mohawk uses significant post-consumer content as raw materials, transforming them into flooring. Quick-Step laminate planks, for example, are made with 74% recycled content. Glass is melted down from bottles, jars and windows to be molded into new Daltile mosaic tiles. PET plastic bottles are repurposed into pellets that are then turned into fiber used in Mohawk’s EverStrand carpeting. Innovative programs like ReCover help divert end-of-lifecycle carpet from the landfill, giving new life to flooring products.

The report also outlines how the company is walking the walk in sustainable design, actively working to achieve green building designations while also manufacturing products that help customers achieve their sustainability goals. Notable innovative products and tools include:

• Air.o: The hypoallergenic Unified Soft Flooring (USF) solution features moisture resistance that reduces household odors. Additionally, it minimizes physical stress on installers. Composed of 100% recycled PET, Air.o can be completely recycled into new flooring at end-of-life.

• EcoFlex Matrix: The latest addition to the EcoFlex family of carpet tile backings is a lighter-weight option for shipment to customers. It contains no harmful chemicals and is comprised of a minimum of 40% recycled content.

• Lichen: The world’s first floor overing to achieve Living Product Challenge Petal Certification is inspired by the idea of “Nature’s Carpet.” This Red List-free commercial carpet plank collection is on track to give more back to the environment than it takes.

• Virtual Reality: Using virtual reality technology, early adopter Mohawk is empowering consumers and designers to envision products in their spaces, saving time and sample materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Mohawk’s 2017 Sustainability Report is available exclusively online at


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