Mohawk Participates in Susan G. Komen 3-Day for 9th Consecutive Year

Calhoun, GA, August 15, 2023-Mohawk is joining Susan G. Komen to cushion the fight against breast cancer during the 2023 Komen 3-Day Series for the ninth consecutive year. Beginning this week, Mohawk will be traveling around the country to provide over 6,200 pieces of SmartCushion for dedicated walkers to use for rest during lunch stops as they walk 60 miles in three days.

As part of the Komen 3-Day Series, Mohawk will be attending all five events, which will be held in Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; and San Diego, California. SmartCushion, along with Mohawk-branded sun shelters, will be available for seating at lunchtime. The cushion will also be placed under sleeping beds nightly at camp in San Diego. Additionally, Mohawk donates bright pink carpet runners for the “Mohawk Mile”-a path lined with cheer teams that lead the walkers to the finish line each day.

To amplify the 3-Day activation further, local retail partners from each city will join Mohawk to spend time with their communities and help provide encouragement to all involved. Mohawk’s retail partners can also take advantage of ad center assets and QR code stickers for SmartCushion displays that direct consumers to learn more about Cushion the Fight.

Behind the scenes, Mohawk collects the used SmartCushion pads and recycles them. With ReCover, Mohawk’s recycling program, more than 160 million pounds of carpet and cushion have been diverted from landfills. 

Outside of the 3-Day sponsorship, Mohawk’s corporate donation programs such as Decorate for the Cure have helped Komen provide more than 42,000 medical support services and $19.3 million in research grants to ensure medical care is innovative and more accessible. 

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