Mohawk Recognized by Green Builder Media for Sustainability

Calhoun, GA, July 31, 2023- Mohawk has been recognized as Green Builder Media’s 2023 Sustainable Brand Leader in the flooring category. This ranking is awarded to organizations that prioritize sustainability. 

Green Builder Media’s Sustainable Brand Index merges macro market trends and user-specific results of its long-running Readers' Choice survey, which effectively measures brand position amongst consumer and professional audiences. The Sustainable Brand Index includes three elements:

• The first criteria is the Cognition Smart Data sentiment score, which analyzes attitudes, opinions and emotions regarding a brand online and on social media.

• The second criteria is the Cognition Smart Data mentions, which analyzes the amount of positive mentions a brand receives in correlation with other brands in the same industry.

• The third criteria, the 2023 Readers’ Choice Survey, measures how readers in the building professional audience rank each brand in sustainability. 

Cognition Smart Data is Green Builder Media’s market intelligence and data service, which generates insights into behavioral patterns, purchase drivers, sentiment and market-transforming innovations. Cognition focuses on leading-edge topics like net zero, electrification, healthy homes, renewable energy, resilient building, smart homes, outdoor living and enabling technologies. That market information is transformed into meaningful and actionable business intelligence to enhance business performance.  

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