Mohawk Introduced New Digital Tools at 2022 Edge Summit

Nashville, TN, December 16, 2022-Mohawk’s Edge Summit welcomed 425 dealers to Nashville, Tennessee this week.

While Mohawk CEO Jeff Lorberbaum expects the residential market will soften in 2023, he believes there will be opportunities for growth. In addition to leveraging higher-margin products, a “retail renaissance” can help dealers through the downturn, he told the retailers in attendance at the summit, which concluded Wednesday in Nashville.

“These last two and a half years, nobody needed an edge,” residential sales president Jeff Meadows said from the stage at Opryland Resort and Convention Center. “All of us are going to need an edge to capture share in a slowing market."

During the three-day event, Mohawk rolled out a number of new initiatives for Edge retailers, including the Edge Local Advertising and Omnify+ marketing programs. 

To help capture potential customers, Mohawk has reimagined its Neighborhood Ad Manager as Edge Local Advertising, offering new geofencing capabilities, targeted exclusive brand campaigns with ongoing content, paid targeted digital advertising, and new brand landing pages that will help track and report leads to be shared with stores. and are already live; will go live in January.

According to Mohawk channel marketing director Janel Hernandez, dealers in a pilot of the new program reported 30% more traffic month over month.

To connect the in- and out-of-store experience, Omnify+ offers digital enhancements including QR codes and visualization tools. The new platform is in partnership with Roomvo, which began developing website management capabilities within the last year, said Todd Skidmore, Mohawk’s senior director of digital marketing, e-commerce and analytics. While Roomvo can capture and integrate existing website content in a changeover process that takes, at most, a few days, dealers will not be required to switch from the existing Omnify platform.

The new websites offer a variety of templates along with customization options. Omnify+ is already integrated with QFloors' business management software and will soon add RFMS’. 

Early in 2023, the new platform will also add ways to order samples directly-another avenue for retailer leads-and to buy online and pick up in-store. Mohawk’s research in building out the new programs showed that even though the vast majority of consumers start the shopping process online, they still come into a store to finalize their purchases.

All sales of Mohawk’s residential and mainstreet products will now count toward Edge retailers’ loyalty status, helping them earn tiered rebates and support services through the streamlined rewards program. Additionally, in-store signage has been updated for Edge Stores, the next generation of Mohawk’s Five Star subscription program, and owners can take advantage of showroom training and leads from Mohawk’s own advertising and consumer promotions.

Launched in 2018, Edge initially focused on increasing Mohawk’s hard surface business.

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