Mohawk Earns Platinum-Level Sustainability Cert. from NALFA

Washington, DC, February 1, 2024-NALFA has announced that Mohawk Industries has achieved Platinum Level LF-02 Sustainability Certification. Platinum Level certification is the highest level of LF-02 Sustainability Certification and requires third-party review and validation of compliance with the standard. This achievement establishes Mohawk as the first company within NALFA's membership to secure third-party evaluated Platinum Level certification since the standard's inception. Previously Mohawk achieved Bronze Level certification through the self-certification process.

The LF-02 Sustainability Certification, developed by NALFA to serve as a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the laminate flooring sector, systematically assesses and enhances the sustainability profile of products. Mohawk voluntarily underwent a rigorous evaluation process, meticulously reviewed by third-party certification provider SCS Global Services, highlighting the company's dedication to upholding the strongest standards of environmental, economic, and social principles throughout its supply chain.

To attain LF-02 certification through NALFA, companies must satisfy the following criteria:

• Demonstrate how laminate floorcovering products can conform to the environmental, economic, and social principles of sustainability throughout the supply chain;

• Demonstrate conformance with ISO Type 1 (14024) and Type 2 (14021) environmental labeling and declaration requirements;

• Demonstrate conformance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims;

• Create confidence in the various stakeholders (manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, and consumers) that the products meet the requirements of this program; and

• Encourage participation by all manufacturers of laminate floor coverings to improve environmental performance

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