Mohawk Announces SmartStrand Marketing Campaign with Rhinory

Calhoun, GA, February 1, 2023-Announced the first day of The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, Mohawk is partnering with Rhinory on a marketing campaign for SmartStrand that is tied to a big cause. 

Since 2008, over 11,000 rhinos have been poached in Africa. To change the narrative and provide these animals with the care, attention and safety they deserve, Craig Stevens and his wife Chesney Castleberry opened Rhinory in the Hill Country of Texas in 2022. 

The 55-acre ranch is home to the rhino Blake, who weighs a staggering 4,000 pounds, Blake’s living quarters will soon feature Mohawk’s new SmartStrand Color Wall.

After Blake goes toe to toe with SmartStrand with All Pet, Mohawk will clean up and show side by side comparisons. 

In 2009, Mohawk did a similar challenge when the Birmingham, Alabama zoo’s Ricko the Rhino, a 2,800-pound Eastern Black rhinoceros, lived on SmartStrand carpet for two weeks.

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