Miura Board Launches U.S. Production

Kountze, TX, November 9, 2018-Athyron has announced the launch of Miura Board: a 100% recycled alternative to wood and plastic, containing 50% carpet backing from recycling operations. 

This highly scalable technology has the potential to significantly reduce the stream of carpet currently being disposed of in the nation’s dwindling landfills.

The proprietary technology making this possible hails from Brazil, where it’s been in use for over 14 years. Athyron was granted an exclusive license for the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Miura Board is manufactured in a brand new facility located in Kountze, Texas. Athyron plans to first add additional production lines at its Kountze, TX location and then partner with other investors and key strategic manufacturers to rapidly expand by opening multiple plants located in close proximity to abundant sources of plastic scrap or carpet backing or both.

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