MidSouth Floors Rebrands as Structis

Douglasville, GA, January 2, 2024-MidSouth Floors, a concrete solutions and insulation provider in the Southeast, has undergone a strategic rebranding and will now operate under the name Structis. 

This rebranding initiative comes as part of an extensive effort to align the company's image and services under the MaxTech umbrella, providing enhanced value and expanded service offerings to customers in the construction industry.

The decision to rebrand MidSouth Floors as Structis represents a strategic move to build upon the legacy of the former brand while embracing new opportunities and reflecting the company's evolving commitment to streamline projects and maximize success through broader trade offerings and standardize our services across all locations.

Structis will continue to offer a comprehensive range of products and services that have made the company a trusted name in the construction industry. These services include innovative construction solutions, quality products and materials, and top-tier partnership that have garnered the trust and loyalty of customers throughout the Southeast.

MaxTech welcomes Structis as a valuable addition to its family of companies. The integration of Structis into the MaxTech ecosystem will open doors to new synergies, resources, and opportunities, ultimately benefiting customers and stakeholders alike.

The rebranding initiative will be complemented by a revamped online presence, including a new website (www.structis.com).