Material Bank Acquires Amber Engine

New York, NY, March 18, 2022-Material Bank-a marketplace for searching, sampling, and specifying architecture, design, and construction materials-has announced the acquisition of Amber Engine, a software development company with a mission to democratize the product information management (PIM) space. 

This acquisition will expand the services that Material Bank provides to its almost 500 brand partners, alleviating some of the design industry’s biggest pain points: the lack of standardized data, disorganization due to high SKU counts, and the overall complexity of configuring materials and products.

Much in the way that Material Bank has modernized and simplified searching and sampling for materials, Amber Engine will simplify the process of data management and complex datasets across the design industry, empowering brands with better data.  

Founded by Jennifer Gilbert, Amber Engine was a member of the Rock Family of Companies, along with dozens of other innovative companies like Rocket Mortgage, Rock Ventures, and StockX. Amber Engine, based in Detroit, Michigan, a city the company has been committed to helping revitalize, will remain a distinct platform within Material Bank, continuing to operate independently and led by its current managing director, Shah Shafi.

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