Mannington Commercial Joins Build Reuse

Calhoun, GA, November 1, 2023-Mannington Commercial has joined Build Reuse, a national organization encouraging the recovery and reuse of building materials in the United States. Through its membership, Mannington Commercial continues its commitment as a leading environmentally responsible organization while adhering to one of its core values to “do the right thing.”

Build Reuse was founded in 1994 as a national network of organizations dedicated to material reclamation and reuse, with a vision to transform communities by creating a building industry in which used and excess construction materials become valuable assets and waste is no longer acceptable. Build Reuse member organizations across the United States deliver tremendous economic benefits by offering low- to no-cost materials via resale or donations to non-profits and through workforce development programs in deconstruction and reuse. By saving usable building materials from disposal, Build Reuse members are creating circular solutions for the built environment, reducing the environmental impacts of construction by lowering associated embodied carbon emissions and strengthening vulnerable communities through economic development opportunities. These opportunities provide access to more affordable construction material options and create sustainable career pathways for disadvantaged residents. 

Mannington Commercial is the only flooring supplier to be part of the group.

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