Lynx Equity Acquires Shehadi Commercial Flooring

Toronto, ON, June 11, 2021-Lynx Equity Limited is pleased to announce the synergistic acquisition of New Jersey’s Shehadi Commercial Flooring. 

With roots dating back to 1900, Shehadi offers residential and commercial flooring products and services in the New Jersey and New York marketplace. 

Lynx has experienced success to date acquiring and consolidating companies in the commercial flooring industry. The Shehadi acquisition will bolster the effectiveness of any LFP synergies, while also expanding the LFP’s reach towards the East Coast. 

Lynx’s flooring portfolio currently includes Portland, Oregon’s Floor Solutions, acquired by Lynx in 2014; G&W Commercial Interiors, acquired in 2017; Livermore, California’s Flooring Solutions, acquired in 2018; Ephrata, Washington’s Prime Flooring, acquired in 2019; and Portland, Oregon’s DeBenedetto’s Commercial Flooring, acquired in 2020. Lynx continues to pursue a variety of acquisition opportunities in North America and Europe.