Kraus Floors Lays Off Workers at Waterloo, Ontario Plant

Waterloo, ON, September 7, 2018-Employees at Kraus Floors in Waterloo, Ontario have been laid off indefinitely, starting September7, reports CTV News Kitchener.

“A spokesperson says they don’t yet know if the nearly 60-year-old flooring company is closing or the layoff is the result of bankruptcy.

“President and CEO of Kraus Shawn Davies said in a statement, ‘I can confirm our plant in Waterloo is open. The employees are on temporary layoff as of September 7. This is in the normal course of business. Our sales offices and other facilities are open, and it is business as usual with Kraus.’

“The layoff could impact up to 190 workers at both Kraus and its sister company Strudex Fibres.”