Jim Pels Discusses the Joining of Spectra & Diverzify

Chattanooga, TN, February 8, 2022-In this FloorDaily interview, Jim Pels, president of Spectra Contract Flooring, offers insight about the joining of Spectra and Diverzify, announced February 8 and effective immediately. 

Pels offers an update of activity in the commercial contract business as well as insight into his new role as COO of the combined organization and a look at how the merger came about.  

Jordan Zmijewski will serve as CEO of the merged businesses, which will remain separate in the marketplace. 

As the industry discovered amid the distribution revolution 30 years ago-when Interface, Dupont and Shaw all launched commercial contractor operations-corporations can’t effectively run commercial contractor businesses. Spectra has long operated as a part of Shaw but with independent operations, and the vision for the merged operation is to have entrepreneurial entities in local markets supported by the bigger organization. 

Diverzify gets much of its financial support from private equity firm Acon.

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