Jason Goldberg of America's Floor Source Launches TraLaMa

Columbus, OH, December 11, 2020-After years of dealing with the same challenge facing most employers in and around the construction industry-finding enough reliable tradespeople-Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of America’s Floor Source, has launched TraLaMa, The Trade Labor Marketplace.

TraLaMa is an online community where businesses can find skilled trade labor, and where skilled trade laborers can find subcontract work or full-time employment.

TraLaMa is offering a limited-time discount code (LLAMAFREE) that will enable flooring companies to post as many free full-time or short-term job openings.

Whether using the TraLaMa app or TraLaMa.com, trade laborers can create an account, build their profile, browse and respond to open posts, and get to work. There are never any charges for trade laborers to use TraLaMa.